Habitat for Humanity Dane County, Wisconsin

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This week while I’m on travel, I’m featuring one of the organizations where I do some volunteer photography, that being the Habitat for Humanity of Dane County. I’ll do a short introduction that will be followed by a bunch of photos that show volunteers and staff hard at work at a corporate build framing up a house for a family.

Habitat for Humanity is an international, non governmental, not for profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded by Millard Fuller and his wife Linda in 1976 with the goal of providing affordable housing much like they did when they were missionaries in Zaire, Central Africa. They began their work in San Antonio, Texas using donations and volunteer labor to build homes for needy families. Next they moved on to Appalachia and soon there were chapters in several US states and foreign countries. As the organization continued to grow, Fuller recruited his most famous volunteers, former President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. Together they developed the Jimmy Carter Work Project, an annual event that brings volunteers from all over the world to help build homes. Just a few weeks ago, the Carter’s participated in a build in Nashville, Tennessee even though the 95 year old President had fallen the week before and arrived at the build with a black eye and stitches in his forehead! This act shows the determination that many Habitat volunteers demonstrate when working on projects all over the world. In 2018 alone, Habitat has built or renovated homes impacting over 8.7 million people world wide many of them children through the efforts of over 1.4 million volunteers.

Habitat for Humanity of Dane County was formed in 1987 and has built or renovated 275 homes and repaired dozens of others through it’s home repair program. Currently, habitat is building 10 homes in Sun Prairie, North Madison, and Fitchburg. Like HfH International, Habitat Dane County works with potential homeowners to move them into secure housing by providing financial and home maintenance training. It’s not a hand out, it’s a hand up. Future homeowners need a downpayment and must take out a low or no interest mortgage and make monthly payments based on their income. In addition, once approved for a Habitat home, they commit to put in sweat equity of 325-375 hours during the building of their home. It’s a great cause and I’m proud to be a small part of documenting the process.

My traveling partner has been a Habitat volunteer for the past few years, she bakes cookies and sweet breads for Habitat volunteers at the build sites. Each week, she delivers nearly 20 dozen cookies and always a treat for the staff. During one of our deliveries, I met the volunteer coordinator and mentioned that I am a photographer and know one of regular volunteer photographers on their staff. I told her that if they should need any help, I’m willing. Well, a couple of months ago on a Saturday morning, I had my maiden voyage taking photos of a corporate build. The employees of McFarland State Bank spent the morning framing up the house, the first step in the building process. What follows are the photos I took that morning. Note the smiles on the family that will be moving into that house next year as well as the staff and volunteers. Good work Habitat! Should you be interested in volunteering for Habitat Dane County click here for more information. Enjoy the photos!Habitat for Humanity Build-0171Habitat for Humanity Build-5167Habitat for Humanity Build-0164Habitat for Humanity Build-0174Habitat for Humanity Build-0175Habitat for Humanity Build-5182Habitat for Humanity Build-5198Habitat for Humanity Build-5244Habitat for Humanity Build-0187Habitat for Humanity Build-5258Habitat for Humanity Build-5262Habitat for Humanity Build-0192Habitat for Humanity Build-0194Habitat for Humanity Build-0195Habitat for Humanity Build-0198Habitat for Humanity Build-5280Habitat for Humanity Build-0211Habitat for Humanity Build-5302Habitat for Humanity Build-5317Habitat for Humanity Build-5330Habitat for Humanity Build-5334Habitat for Humanity Build-0224Habitat for Humanity Build-5337Habitat for Humanity Build-0237Habitat for Humanity Build-0249Habitat for Humanity Build-0244Habitat for Humanity Build-5390Habitat for Humanity Build-5393Habitat for Humanity Build-5401Habitat for Humanity Build-5414Habitat for Humanity Build-0257Habitat for Humanity Build-0258Habitat for Humanity Build-0259Habitat for Humanity Build-0265Habitat for Humanity Build-0267Habitat for Humanity Build-5426Habitat for Humanity Build-0282

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